We successfully obtained ETA certificate – European Technical Assessment for cross-laminated wooden panels.

We have completed the largest investment to date. We set up a new technological line for CLT (cross-laminated timber) panels for which it was previously necessary to build 4000 m2 of replacement production and storage capacities to shift the existing logistics needs of incoming material and dispatch.

The entire technological line for laminating panels is placed in a sequential production line and therefore ensures optimal flow in all phases of the production of modular panels. CLT board formats can be max. 6m x 3,3m, three to nine layers, and thicknesses from 60mm to 360mm. Based on the workshop documentation, we also produce cutouts for windows, doors, installations and prepare holes for fittings on a CNC machine, and equip them with appropriate labels for logistics and assembly needs.

CLT panels belong to the load-bearing material, and due to this structural importance, the traceability of production in all stages of the process is extremely important. Production monitoring data is computerized so that the process is fully digitalized.

As part of product development and obtaining relevant certificates, it was necessary to carry out testing of individual components, as well as semi-finished products and products of cross-laminated (CLT) panels. The ETA certificate, which is the European Technical Assessment, was successfully obtained last month by the OIB Vienna Institute. Some of the mentioned tests were carried out in Slovenia (Innorenew Izola) and for the final stages of the remaining tests we chose Holzforschung Austria in Vienna.

We are proud to have also successfully obtained a certificate from the company Holzfoschung Austria for the inspection and control of Stilles CLT production, in accordance with ETA-24/0182 and the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR).
With these certificates, we have met all the conditions to be able to market our new products as construction material for the construction of wooden buildings.