20200810 112830

Door testing at ift Rosenheim Institute in Germany

On Monday, August 10, 2020, we had a fireproof test at the ift Rosenheim Institute for a single-leaf wooden door, which we named the Stilles Premium Door Reverse SPD-03R.

Our goal was to achieve the fire classification EI260min, which we succeeded in doing. The fire burst out in the 68th minute, which also allows us to change the format of the door by ± 15%. The wall opening of the test door was 100 x H230 cm, the thickness of the CB wall was 15 cm.

Achieved time span indicates our optimal construction and material selection for the door components, and so desired door classification was achieved. After the 68th minute the door burned out completely, but there was no fire break at the plantations or at the lock, where the usual weak points of a door are in case of fire. In fact, the fire broke out at the junction between a door frame and a wall due to the deflection of the wall.