Stilles covers all the key stages of production for solid wood as well as veneered and upholstered furniture.

Our production sector comprises:

  • the Primary Solid Wood Cutting and Drying Department;
  • the Veneer Cutting and Bonding Department;
  • the Raw Material (MDF, particle board, plywood board, etc.) Cutting and Veneering Department;
  • the Machining (CNC machining, sanding, etc.) Department;
  • the Pre-assembly Department;
  • the Paintshop Department;
  • the Installation Department;
  • the Carving and Gilding Department;
  • the Upholstery Department;
  • the Unique Product Production, Product Development and Sample Room Production Department.

Key technologies
We choose our technologies carefully to keep up with the global furniture production trends and ensure top quality and flexibility. Every investment is planned with great care to ensure that it provides the optimal technical solutions, with a special emphasis on environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.

Our existing key technical equipment is numerically controlled. All the machining processes at the Machining Department are carried out using 3- or 5- axis CNC machines. Products are sanded using state-of-the-art equipment. The sanding process determines the quality of the finish (paint or lacquer) and thus has a key impact on the quality of the final product.

Surface treatment is carried out using various methods:

  • conventional manual spraying;
  • roll coating and UV curing;
  • RotoClean automatic spray machines.

Specialised skills
Our main advantage lies in our employees and their specialised skills and knowledge. We employ a number of craftsmen who are highly skilled in carving, gilding, silvering, veneer bonding, marquetry and highly complex CNC machining and surface finishing.

Production planning
Production planning is carried out on an annual, monthly and weekly basis.
Monthly plans serve as a basis for the work of all of the company’s departments to ensure the timely preparation of all the required materials and technical documents and the coordination of human resources, logistical capacities and financial resources.

The weekly plans are as goal-oriented as possible. Products are placed in production according to our clients’ requirements to ensure that the dispatch deadline is met. Our production process is organised according to the principles of lean production, which means that each product moves between departments as quickly as possible and there are no unnecessary loops in the production process. We always ensure that all technical principles are adhered to and all technical processes are carried out properly to avoid any customer complaints.

Delivery deadlines
Apart from the quality of our products, meeting the delivery deadlines is our top priority. We always set an exact dispatch deadline as our goal depending on the client’s wishes and plan all other aspects of production around it.

Our technical and production capacities allow us to simultaneously work on two projects with up to 150 rooms per project. The production process for a project with up to 150 rooms can be completed within 30 to 45 calendar days from the final determination of all the technical details and the approval of the working plans.

Collaboration with the Sevnica woodworking school
Every company is successful if it can ensure the transfer of knowledge and experience between generations. Being well aware of that fact, we collaborate closely with the woodworking school in Sevnica. The school’s students carry out their practical training at our company under the professional guidance of our experts and professional mentors. We know that we are training our future colleagues, so we try to identify their talents and guide them carefully to ensure that they develop into outstanding future employees.