Logistics and installation

Team and tools

  • Our highly trained instructors and installation managers with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge, experience and competencies.
  • Installation teams with installers and assistants who participate in the production stage of the project and thus know the technical logic behind the products.
  • Extended installation teams with subcontractors that allow us to carry out complex installations in larger buildings.
  • We use high-performance hand tools. Our teams are equipped with all the necessary personal protective equipment to ensure their safety at work and their recognisability.

Through our know-how, experience and seventy-year tradition and by keeping up with the latest trends in our field and actively collaborating with our suppliers and clients, we have created the easily recognisable Stilles product and installation standard.

The requirements of the Stilles standard are as follows:

  • Top-quality products that are properly marked for easy installation.
  • The complete protection of products during transport.
  • Professional, precise installation and outstanding details.
  • The adaptability of the team to the installation conditions, supervision requirements and the investor’s wishes.
  • Complete technical documentation.

Our standard provides the basic guidelines that must be followed by all our subcontractors. We expect our installers to always perform top-quality work, to maintain an excellent level of theoretical and practical knowledge, to be resourceful and work as a team, to constantly exchange information and to show unconditional concern for the safety of both themselves and others, as well as of the property at the site.

Time planning and deadlines
A properly prepared and sufficiently detailed schedule enables:

  • The precise management of installation work.
  • The proper coordination of teams and supervision over the installation work.
  • The completion of work within the set deadlines.
  • Proper and precise communication with staff on the site and effective coordination with the technical supervisors and investor’s representatives.

Time planning gives us an overview of the status of the installation work and the flexibility we need to adapt to the requirements and challenges at the site. We ensure smooth installation by coordinating with other contractors on the site, building managers, supervisors and the owners on a daily basis.

Depending on the client’s wishes, our installation managers can communicate in English, German, Russian or Serbo-Croatian.

Every new development, problem and solution is reported:

  • to the construction site manager and the investor’s authorised representatives;
  • within the company: to the Technical Documentation Preparation, Production and Logistics Departments and to the management board.

Detailed product construction plans, solutions for details and technical instructions are an integral part of every installation. All the work performed is recorded in the installation logs kept by every team on every site. Installation logs ensure full traceability and quality control for installations, products and teams. When the project is completed, the installed products are inspected together with the supervisors and the owner and a handover report is prepared. All the required certificates are enclosed with the handover report.

Compliance with the regulatory requirements
The following requirements are met in full by every installation team:

  • compliance with the labour laws of the country or region in which the installation is being performed;
  • compliance with occupational safety and insurance regulations;
  • possession of all the documents required to perform their work.