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Re:NEW – Innovative materials protection

Stilles Re:NEW is a protective coating which ensures complete protection of various materials and provides a matte effect on the surface.

With the help of specific treatment processes, we create a matting agent which provides a variety of surfaces with properties such as water resistance, water repellence and stain resistance (works well for liquid and fingerprints). An additional advantage of the described treatment process allows for an easy correction of small surface scratches, as in such situations, dry particles in the paint are simply moved out of their place; however, by using a cloth and hot water, the particles can be moved to back again. The dry matting particles of varnish also exhibit a better resistance to cutting damage due to their angle.

Stilles Re:NEW is the result of research related to market demands, which ensures the use of natural materials in bathrooms and follows the trend of low gloss in the furnishing of all living spaces. It provides a 40% greater resistance to stains and scratches and is consequently of paramount importance in protecting the parquet. It can be used on all natural materials, cover colors, and if thermal properties are strictly respected, also on plastic and metal.

With the development of Stilles Re:NEW, the company follows its vision to make timber (and other materials) timeless.