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Our expert development team has developed a surface treatment that gives the appearance of brushed brass

Our company is committed to constant innovation. Our development activities are focused on new materials, recycling of old materials and their reuse, and technological solutions that offer more durable and aesthetically appealing furniture. At the same time, it is imperative that these innovations lead to cheaper solutions and reduce the strain on the natural environment.

With this approach, we have also developed a surface treatment for wooden components that gives the appearance of brushed brass. In addition to wood, this surface treatment can be used on a wide range of metals and even on glass and other materials.

In technical terms, it is a complex technique of applying several layers of different coatings using a combination of different manual surface treatment techniques. The brushed brass appearance can be applied to curved surfaces and surfaces with organic shapes which are practically impossible to make from metallic materials.

Our primary aim was to reduce the use of heavy metals in the production of various interior components, which we were able to achieve with the development of this innovative surface treatment. Only water-based coatings are used, so the environmental impact is negligible in this respect. In comparison with real brass, therefore, our solution is significantly more environmentally friendly.