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Visit of the minister of economy and technology in Stilles

Stilles has been carrying out developmental activities in the field of semi-finished composite panel for some time. These are specific semi-finished products that provide a high level of fire resistance, acoustic conductivity and water repellence. Such semi-finished products could be installed in some segments of hotel interiors (wall and ceiling panels, doors), as well as in other public buildings and wooden houses.

In addition to the development and certification of the product, as part of the development activities for the start of batch production, it will be necessary to adapt technological processes, construct production facilities and set up appropriate technology.

In order to expand our production capacities, we plan to build a new hall of approximately 4,000 m2 and purchase the necessary technological equipment. We plan to complete the entire project in three phases by mid-2022.

The Minister, Mr. Počivalšek became acquainted with our business, took a look at the production process and became particularly interested in the development project and promised concrete support from the side of the Ministry of Economy and Technology.

In the development project Stilles also counts on the understanding of the local community, especially in terms of releasing the land within the factory complex, which is owned by the Municipality of Sevnica and using it as a backup pump for drinking water.


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