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Further development of hotel doors in Stilles

Stilles continues realizing our commitment to our clients for continuous development of modern hotel doors for the most demanding purchasers of hotel equipment. Because we wish to demonstrate the absolute quality of our products, we have decided to continue the testing of our doors at the German institute ift Rosenheim (https://www.ift-rosenheim.de/home), the largest European institute for testing of windows and building doors and an indisputable authority in this field.

For over 50 years the ift Rosenheim is an internationally active, technical-scientific provider of holistic services for the evaluation and testing of the fitness for use of construction materials and products. The spectrum of their testing comprises among other things window tests according to EN 14351, facade tests according to EN 13830, fire tests according to EN 16034, as well as glass and building material tests. As a registered and accredited laboratory, ift Rosenheim can issue test and classification reports for CE marking as well as certificates of constancy of performance for the manufacturer. They also offer compilation of expert opinions, research and development projects, as well as seminars for the education of experts in various fields of the building industry through their well known ift Academy.

If we were focused specifically on testing fire resistance and sound insulation of hotel doors thus far⁠—and after many successful tests we believe we have these two qualities mastered—we have recently expanded the scope of testing our doors also to climatic, smoke and mechanical tests and testing of sustainability of door closing function according to the EN 1191:2013 (durability test). We have achieved the C5 class with all our doors, meaning impeccable operation of doors during the 200,000 cycles of opening and closing, which translates to at least 20 years of smooth operation of doors in real life. Fire resistance and sound insulation would not be so prominent if the door wings would become significantly deformed during use, and therefore the so-called climatic testing for determining dimensional stability of the door wing in different climatic conditions is necessary. Interior doors are being tested for the C climate, meaning on one side the doors are exposed to 230C and 30 % of relative air humidity (warm side) and to 30C and 80 % of relative air humidity (cold side) on the other side. After the testing, the vertical camber cannot exceed 4 mm and the horizontal camber cannot exceed 2 mm. Silles doors have also passed this test with flying colors.

Our commitment to ”continuous development of modern interior doors, accommodating the most demanding purchasers of hotel equipment” remains strong. Accordingly, we wish to include important partners in the field of material and fitting use, especially in the field of testing and evaluation of doors in our development. What we wish to achieve through various testing is creative applicability of combinations of various door properties, which in turn enables our clients to offer a safe and comfortable hotel room to their guests.