Interior Furnishing Project of The Landmark Marriott Autograph Nikosia Hotel, Cyprus

In November 2023 we signed a contract for furnishing 283 rooms in the amount of approximately 5,5 million EUR and immediately began with development activities.

This is a project of interior renovation of former Hilton hotel in Nicosia that was owned by the country and in its history hosted many known statesmen (including Josip Broz) and many political events. Prodea Investment, the biggest real estate investor in Greece, is the investor of the entire renovation.

Landmark Marriott Autograph Nicosia hotel has together 283 rooms and big public area and will operate under Marriott Autograph brand.  The total square footage is over 40.000 m2. In the last year the investor carried out two sample rooms with local and Asian contractor, but upon the inspection of executed interiors Marriott rejected them due to the insufficient quality of the execution. The representatives of the Marriott’s office in London suggested to the investor to contact Stilles for support and implementation itself. Currently we are renovating a hotel in Tbilisi in Georgia. At Stilles, we perceive this recommendation as the greatest recognition so far.

Currently, the technical documentation for the zero room is being prepared. We plan to start the production in April and the assembly in May. We have to finish work on room area by the end of this year.

We are also actively preparing an offer for furnishing hotel’s public area which defines a second phase. The project’s third and fourth phase will be furnishing two newly constructed towers that will be intended for apartments and offices.

Room’s area was designed by Eraclis Papachristou. He is currently the most famous Cypriot architect who received various international awards for his projects. Other hotel’s phases will be designed by the Van Dijck design house from Amsterdam.

We firmly believe that a successfully completed project will open doors for new luxury hotel projects both on Cyprus and Greece as well as within Marriott’s brands in other countries.