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Liquid Metal – an innovative surface coating

An innovative coating can give almost any object a proper seamless metal-like skin and the appearance and properties of metals. Depending on the product, 90% to 95% of the new surface consists of bronze, copper, brass, stainless steel or other metals. Since it is applied in liquid form, it means that the coating can easily be applied, regardless of the size, shape or basic material of the object.

Methods of application

This coating is mostly used for high quality interior fittings, especially furniture and other interior fittings, decorative wall treatment and yacht equipment. Liquid Metal can be applied to almost all material surfaces and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The use of liquid metal materials makes it easy to apply the coating on flat surface as well as on organic-form surfaces.

Surface forms

The surface can be individually formed not only with different application techniques but also in the finishing process. In addition to the classic polishing of a metal sheath, certain patination techniques can also be interesting. Usual treatments include smooth or structured, matt-sanded or gloss-polished surfaces, treatment of closed or natural pores, patinated or rusty surfaces, or inlaid inserts.

In addition to the eight standard metals, special alloys such as platinum, white gold and bronze in champagne or rose-gold are also available.

Treatment Benefits

• Cool metallic feel.
• Up to 95% of metals in the final coating.
• Seamless sheath regardless of the shape and size of an item.
• Excellent adhesion to all surfaces, including MDF, wood, plaster, stone, concrete, metal, ceramics, plastic, acrylic, clay etc.
• Free or artwork surface design that makes the product unique.
• Quick drying.
• Durable and resistant surface.
• Resistance to frost and other weather conditions.
• UV-resistant surface.
• Resistance to chemical agents.