Our recipe for quality performance lies in harmonized processes.

The implementation of the project will show all the effort invested in planning, while our experienced associates will make sure nothing is left to chance. The final stage includes the following:

• Production.
• Execution of the final construction works:

1. Dry-mounting walls, ceilings, inspection openings;
2. Tile-laying;
3. Installation of bathroom ceramics and accessories;
4. Flooring;
5. Painting;
6. Installation of wall coverings;
7. Installation of lighting and electrical elements;
8. Establishment and management of a temporary warehouse at the facility.

• Supervision at the construction site.
• Logistics in accordance with the processes at the facility.
• Installation of equipment.
• Handover of the building.

Stilles constantly upgrades its manufacturing technology so that on the one hand, it follows global trends of furniture production which require flawless quality and flexibility, and on the other hand, it always looks for innovative solutions that provide hotel owners with a better and more permanent function, while providing the guest with a sense of comfort and pleasant user experience. Each new investment is carefully selected according to technological solutions, and pays special attention to ecology and energy savings.

Let us carry out the finishing jobs for you, together with the manufacture of furniture. In this way, the processes will be coordinated and, consequently, the deadlines will be shorter, and the implementation will be harmonized and of a higher quality. Our skilled and experienced teams are specialized for performing the finishings and the assembly in such a way that they can be done when the hotel is already operating. This means that the works are carried out in a particular floor of the hotel, while the remaining floors are fully functioning.

Site supervision is carried out with our own skilled personnel, where the supervisor covers only a certain segment of the final part of building works, the assembly of furniture, or the mounting of doors. Prior to execution, they are posted to supervise the execution of a segment (major construction work, electrical and water installations, climates, etc).

Dry construction
Treatment of floors, walls, ceiling
Furniture and equipment
Installation of lighting and electronics

Other services: