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To meet the planned deadlines, to realize the required hotel standards and the expected design, detailed planning is necessary.

Decades of experience and numerous successfully executed projects reflect our planning expertise. Therefore, we offer:
• Preparation of a sample room, prototype products and material samples to be confirmed by the investor or designer.
• Development of solutions within the agreed budget in terms of detail, materials and technical manufacturing, in line with the applicable requirements and standards.
Preparation of full technical documentation, including detailed floor plans of all types of rooms or spaces, views and cross-sections of walls with electrical installation designs.
• Preparation of implementation plans for all material components, such as wood, stone, metal, glass and composites.
• We ensure that all materials and technical documentation are approved by the investor and designer, and are, as such, the basis for the beginning of production.
• We carefully index the technical documentation and provide a handover of the entire archive, which assists in maintenance during the exploitation of the facility.
• We create a detailed schedule of implementation.
• We regularly provide certificates and A-tests for the purpose of obtaining operating permits, reviews by the responsible hotel franchise, as well as the necessary categorization.

During the project, we carefully keep the working and technical documentation and promptly coordinate it with the investor, which contributes to transparent traceability in obtaining permits.
Our well-prepared plans that are consistent with the originally prepared architectural, piping and electrical installation projects provide guidance for the support and coordination with all the contractors of the facility. Thus, all the necessary changes and adjustments may be predicted in advance. Depending on the given situation, during the performance of construction works, we put forward proposals for necessary changes in order to easily achieve the coordination of works carried out with the final design of the interior.

Dry construction
Treatment of floors, walls, ceiling
Furniture and equipment
Installation of lighting and electronics

Other services: