Svetovanje Oblikovanje Design Stilles

Attention to detail is essential in interior design. That is why our designer team consists of internationally experienced architects and designers, who enthusiastically create new ideas for our clients. All of them have experience in various fields, and regardless of whether you want a classic, contemporary, modern or traditional design, they will ensure your complete satisfaction.

Not sure of the dimensions or have a problem with the installation of our furniture in the room? We offer the advice of our experienced architects and designers who will prepare the floor layout and advise on the selection of individual pieces of furniture in accordance with your needs. If you wish, they can also advise on the appearance of the entire atmosphere, from the selection of flooring, curtains, carpets and wallpaper, to lamps and accessories.

To book a consultation, call our showroom in Ljubljana, T. +386 (0) 1 434 01 75 / E or shop at the company’s headquarters in Sevnica T. +386 (0) 7 81 61 016 / E.