A new and exciting collection is here!

Metropolitán is a diverse collection of home furniture that emphasises the fundamental balance between comfort, style and functionality in connection with technological advances in manufacturing.

Oak veneer is surface-coloured and available in three colours – natural (LO), light brown (BO) and dark brown (DO). It is protected by the innovative water-based and environmentally friendly lacquer Re:NEW, which mattifies the surface and protects it from fingerprints, coffee stains and minor blemishes. What makes it special is its capability to eliminate small scratches using only a hot cloth. The panels of some products can be supplied with a microtopping, i.e. a coating which is highly resistant to impact, abrasion and water and can thus be easily compared to stone, and which is available in four colours. Contrast is achieved by adding details with patination effect along with glass and artificial stone surfaces.

The collection is designed to fill your home with confidence and personality. The products stand out and thrive in the environment both as individual pieces or in simple combinations that fit the ever-changing lifestyle of a modern metropolitan.

Product catalogue: Metropolitán – NEW!