History Zgodovina Obrtnistvo V Sevnici Stilles

Our story

Stilles’s beginnings date back to 1945, when a small group of carpenters led by Jože Durm joined forces in Sevnica. To begin with, they only restored old furniture, but later began to make furniture to order as well. The increased volume of orders led to the establishment of the Sevnica Carpenters’ Production Cooperative in 1947. Over the years, the company participated in the furnishing of a number of commercial and government buildings, official residences and hotels and gained a reputation as the leading manufacturer of furniture in Yugoslavia.

Increasing demand for period furniture led to the idea of the company developing its own lines of period furniture. In 1970, the company was renamed Stilles – for its stylish period furniture and furnishings.

Today, Stilles is a market-oriented company that exports 95% of its products to the global markets on average. Engineering projects comprise 90% of the company’s sales structure, while the rest is made up by sales of its own brand of furniture. Stilles offers high-quality furniture from its own period furniture collections, as well as modern furniture made to order.

Mission and values

Our mission is to create high-quality and well-designed furniture and furnishings tailored to our clients’ wishes by taking a comprehensive approach and developing solutions on an individual basis.

The development of our own products and an emphasis on hand work have been the essence of our approach from the very beginning. Our constant commitment to offering only the best materials, creative designs, and a high quality and a wide selection of fabrics and accessories guarantees the excellence of our products. Through all this, we are able to meet our primary mission – MAKING WOOD TIMELESS.

About the owners

The future of Stilles has been in the hands of the Polovič family since 2010, when they gained a 100% share in the company through their own company, AFP d.o.o., Dobova. The successful family tradition of entrepreneurship that was started in 1968 by Franc Polovič, Sr, and his son, Franc, Jr, has been continued by Aleksander Polovič as a representative of the third generation. Today, AFP is a well-established trading company whose principal activity is the sale of textiles and sporting goods.  The family has always had an appreciation for manufacturing companies. Being forest owners, they have a special relationship with wood as a natural resource. All of this, combined with their respect for Stilles’s tradition, led them to the decision to invest in the company.

In collaboration with the company’s management, they set out a long-term development and business strategy for the company. The company’s long tradition and the know-how and experience of its employees give them complete faith in Stilles’s long-term potential.