Project development

Our team of architects and designers transposes the investors’ wishes into projects through technical and creative solutions that create aesthetically attractive and user-friendly ambience.



We try to present as many details as possible in both textual and graphical form to make certain that the client understands our approach and the prices listed for individual items and, above all, that they know what they are getting for their money.


Shop drawings

We always prepare our shop drawings on the basis of the building plans and the actual situation, which reduces complications and enables us to install all the agreed elements without having to make any compromises.



The project schedule is continuously coordinated between all the parties to the project is an essential tool that enables the proper management of project implementation.


Sample room

At the investor’s request, we can produce and set up a sample room that serves as a basis for any corrections and the precise construction of further rooms.


Start of production

Once the plans have been approved, production can be started.



Stilles covers all the key stages of production for solid wood, as well as veneered and upholstered furniture.



Our proposal includes a logistical plan that sets out all the key costs.



In addition to our own installation team and assistants who participate in the production stage of the project and are thus familiar with the technical logic behind the products, we also collaborate with an extended team of subcontractors, which enables us to carry out complex installations in large buildings.



Once the project is completed, the client and the project manager inspect the supplied goods and revise the final invoice to reflect any deviations from the contract in terms of quantity or quality.
A report is drawn up for any deviations in quality, which also sets out the deadline for the free remedy of the deficiencies. Once the handover report is approved by both parties, the project is considered completed.