Pannello Ecologico 300x257

Particleboards from 100% recycled wood

Concern for the environment has been always in consciousness at Stilles’s business.

In this context we choose recycled particleboards (ordinary E1, fireproof B1 and waterproof) of the Italian company Saviola for installation at all flat furniture that we customarily manufacture for our hotel projects. Company Saviola is the first and currently the only one in the world that obtained the FSC certificate for production of 100% recycled wooden panels.

The Saviola Group is a leading company of wood waste processing in the world with an annual processing capacity of 1.5 million tons of used wood. For Eco panels they use recycled pallets, wooden fruit boxes, construction scaffolds, wooden waste and used furniture that they acquire in their own collection centres. They operate with philosophy of a circular economy, where waste becomes a source, for thirty years already.

This way Stilles and indirectly its customers- hoteliers contribute to environmental protection and operate on the principle of a circular economy.