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We implemented a new technology for the application of “RE:new” coating to surfaces and edges

RE:new is a surface coating that provides complete protection for various materials and a trendy matt effect on the surface.

Nitrogen is added to the final coating by a special treatment process, allowing the dry matt particles of the coating to rise up to the surface at a certain angle and cure with UV rays, unlike conventional protective coatings, where these particles are distributed flat on the surface. Materials coated with RE:new technology are scratch resistant, waterproof, water repellent and do not show fingerprints and stains (as spilled liquid or similar).

An additional advantage is that the material can be easily repaired with a hot cloth. In the event of damage, the dry particles within the paint are displaced, but by simply applying the heat the particles return to their original location.

RE:new is the result of researches related to the market requirements and allows the use of natural materials in the bathrooms following the trend of low gloss furnishings in the living areas. It offers 40% more resistance to stains and scratches and is also very important for protecting the parquet. It can be applied to any natural materials and opaque paints and by following the thermal properties also to plastics and metals.

Stilles is one of the few manufacturers in Europe that successfully treats the varnishing on edges.